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Can you remove the rust stains
from my concrete?.

      The short answer is a resounding maybe. Rust removal is a tricky thing because depending on what caused the rust, how long the rust has been there, and the unique attributes of that particular pour of concrete, can all play rolls on how successful a rust treatment can be.

   Good results can usually be attained from treating irrigation rust stains from well water. These types of rust stains can either be completely removed in most cases, or at the very least, almost completely removed.

   Rust stains from rusting objects like a decaying car parked on the driveway, or a piece of iron furniture on the back porch, can usually be successfully removed as well. These can tend to be a bit more stubborn than the well water variety, but the results from treatment are still usually worth it.

      The worst, and what we've found to be the most stubborn of all the rust stains commonly found on concrete, are rust stains from fertilizers. Often times they will almost be mistaken for mold or algae because they are usually a darker brown to almost black sort of color as opposed to an orange color. These are most often caused by fertilizer granules being left on concrete and soon after the concrete getting wet. After making contact with the water, the iron in the fertilizer will then oxidize leaving a small rust spot on the concrete.

    Another common area that we see fertilizer rust stains, is at the base of potted plants that are placed on concrete. when the pots get watered, the leaching water from the base of the pot (which may have a lot of iron in it from fertilizers or even the soil its self) will leave rust stains usually in a ring pattern under the pot. These can be very unsightly and the results from a rust treatment are usually limited, so the best rule of thumb is not to let it happen to to begin with.

   Another aspect to consider about treating rust stains is that the chemicals used in the treatment process will also brighten the concrete. This is usually considered a benefit more so than a problem because it can make your concrete look 10 years younger, or even like it was just poured the day before. Because of this brightening affect, the downside is the whole concrete area must be treated (rust stains or not) otherwise you will end up with patch work of brighter shades of concrete where the rust treatment was done.

      As a side note: Concrete brightening is a stand-alone service that we can do whether there are rust stains or not. It can really add a wealth of curb appeal to a concrete driveway or other concrete area.


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We make concrete driveways look like new again


    In most cases, our basic package for concrete cleaning will be all you will need. This service includes pressure washing the concrete using our surface cleaning machine, followed by a surface treatment to help eradicate any mold, algae, and mildew that wasn't removed by the pressure washing process. The surface treatment is also very important because it will insure that the mold, algae, and mildew spores, that can be deeply embedded in the concrete substrate, will be completely removed which will help to keep the concrete clean for much longer.

We can also achieve fantastic results
on brick pavers, and natural stone surfaces



What about oil stains?

Oil Stains like rust stains, can be difficult to completely remove from bare concrete. The success rate for removing oil stains is also dependant on multiple factors such as: how long has the oil been on the concrete? What are the characteristics of the concrete (is it smooth, how porous), and what kind of oil it is. Depending on these particular characteristics of the concrete, the longer the oil stain is left on the concrete the more limited the results will be. If the stain is treated immediately it can usually be completely removed, or at the very least, to a faint shadow.






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Call Today!   904 535-4590

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